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The ultimate guide to nail treatments

Dreaming of flawless nails? Good news, there is a whole world of different nail treatments you can try out to obtain the exact look you have in mind. Whether your nails desperately need some TLC after being damaged, or you simply like the idea of longer, bolder-looking nails, we got you. Here’s a simple and quick guide to the different nail treatments available to help you decide which one is best for you:


Bio Gel Nails – This is the classic gel builder that lasts up to 3 weeks and cures under UV light to keep your nails shiny and strong. As such, it’s the kind of treatment that can also add strength to your natural nails and uses no bonding ingredients that could damage them either. You can choose between getting a gel overlay or gel extensions.


Dip Powder Manicure – If you’d like something that ranges between a classic manicure and acrylic nails, then this is for you. The bright color of the nails comes from pigmented powder, and it’s applied by dipping the nails with a base coat into the powder. This is then sealed with another coat. This type of manicure can last for up to 5 weeks and be removed by soaking the nails.


Acrylic Nails – This treatment adds a strengthening layer similar to gel nails. These nails can last for up to 4 weeks and requires a fill every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain them in their best shape. To remove them, it’s best to have a nail professional do it to avoid any damage to your natural nails.


Apres Gel-X Extensions – This type of treatment covers the entire nail and the extensions themselves are clear and ready to be decorated however you like. Overall, they are thinner and more natural-looking than traditional extensions, and they get applied with a layer of clear gel polish and cured with a LED lamp. These last up to 4 weeks and they get removed in the same way as gel nails.


Japanese Gel Manicure – Differently from classic gel nails, these are renowned for their versatility as they’re great for both one-color application and nail art. The process and removal are the same as a gel manicure, and they can last up to 4 weeks.


Which type of manicure is best for you? We can help you get dreamy nails however you like, get in touch today to book your appointment.


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